This is perfect for you Tanisha!!! I’ve always known you to think with a sound mind and a level head therefore providing advice to individuals that will help them. You aim to lead others in the right direction. I’ve never known you to tell anyone what they want to hear but instead you tell them how it is even if it’s a hard conversation that causes the individual to look within themselves as a start either healing or solving problems. You have great mentorship abilities. At the time years ago of course I didn’t recognize you as a mentor but as a friend helping me through a very tough time in my life. Sending this text I realized that you were providing me with mentorship as we talked for hours and you would always encourage me and give me the best realistic sound advice.

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Tanisha you are a very kind and considerate person with a heart of gold. You are also a very driven person; you put your mind to something and you get it done. I feel I’m a better person for knowing you.

Kim H

A warm, kind hearted, strong, articulate spiritual leader. You uplift and motivate people without judgment. You’re giving of your time to help others. You are a blessing to those you come in contact with and a great source of help.


Your gifts and talents to help others – trustworthy, honest, disciplined, goal oriented, hardworking, passionate, organized, strong, caring and FUN. All that and more wrapped up in one FABULOUS Lady.


When I think about Tanisha, a number of qualities come to mind. She is tenacious at whatever she drives to achieve. So I say that she is driven and works hard to succeed and helps others to do the same. Tanisha is ambitious and will not settle for the status quo. She is extremely family oriented and has a great work ethic. She will get the job done. Tanisha is supportive and a friend to the end.


I think you have the gift of patience and the art of listening. You are talented in subtle yet strong authority with palpable grace. You are gifted in a peaceful and anchored presence that draws people into a safe and confidential space. You are trustworthy and committed, not easily swayed. You are God given with unapologetic discernment. You are pretty dope to me.


I think you’re incredibly awesome. You’re knowledgeable and spiritually inclined. You are a people person and you don’t mind helping. When I was at my lowest part of my life you lifted me up. You renewed my mind on many things. You helped me overcome my darkness. I’m truly grateful that our paths crossed because I can honestly say I have a friend in you.

Investment Advisor

My lovely friend. I was impressed the first time I met you at the Bank. I had an opportunity to hear you on the phone and you were professional and knowledgeable; but there was an air of calm about you that was well received by clients. You were consistent in your delivery of services and clients trusted you. They were willing to wait long periods of time in the lobby or for a call just to have you take care of them. Your personality was one that it was hard to ruffle your feathers. Firm yet compassionate. You also impressed me when you made the decision to fine tune your work/life balance. Going to the gym every morning and eating right. It was amazing to watch. Then there is the grandbaby, you are welcomed and nurtured as one would expect from you.

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Your talents and gifts are compassion, patience and forgiveness which are all extremely important. You have the gift to make just about anyone of any race feel welcomed and comfortable to share their life experiences with you. You have a talent of budgeting your money well and helping others to do the same. Whether it’s refinancing homes, credit card high interest, and increasing your credit score you are there to help. You have the talent of being a Christian leader to many women of young and old and of any race. A gift of public speaking is a strong asset for you. You also have discernment which is a must in a spiritual world.


You project such a calm and confident exterior to the public. It makes it easy for us to trust and rely on you. I think it is not only a developed skill but an intrinsic talent to be able to remain unruffled and professional in working with a variety of people and challenges. I have always admired that about you. Also your confidence, whether it is “ the answer xyz or I will have to look into it and get you the answer” inspires trust in your abilities and knowledge. I think the talent of poise and confidence translates into both a client facing as well as an entrepreneur/management position. I’m excited you will be awesome. Entrepreneurship is in your blood.