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Tanisha Taylor is a powerhouse visionary who exudes excellence in every area of her life. Whether it be through her infectious energy, or her commitment to encourage and inspire each life she touches, she truly embodies the experience , wisdom, moral and spiritual fortitude needed to help her client...

R Lincoln

I love how she connects with adolescents and young adults and speaks to them in a way that provides relevant information for their lives.           


I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of the business coaching classes at a conference in May 2023. Ms. Taylor was unique, thorough and innovative in her approach. The whole audience was engaged and captivated. I was moved as a n entrepreneur shifting lanes and Tanisha made me feel like I was right...

Eata Cure

It was great! 100% recommend ! I’ve learned so much through this journey I’ve accomplished so many things that I would have never thought possible on my own. I recommend this to all young adults because there’s no one better to call on or put your trust in! Such a great & godly woman ! Join Tani...


This program is definitely worth every penny. I personally took the finance program and I learned tools that will follow me for life. I learned proper money management and you may learn something different so I advise everyone to invest in their knowledge.


This coaching program is amazing!!! Our young adults need guidance as they continue to work towards their future. Mrs. Taylor is providing a variety of resources, topics and leadership to the community that will be so beneficial to all who participate. I had the opportunity to speak to a group about...


Tanisha Taylor is a loving testimony. So many people want to go down this path however do you truly know their journey? Have they walked the walk or just talk the talk? Tanisha is a living example of life lessons, challenges, opportunities and accomplishments. I have leaned on her leadership and gui...


Tanisha is a great Leader. I love her style of teaching and her coaching principles and methodology. Partnering with other Leaders/Coaches/Entrepreneurs to build a community that can meet every needs is an excellent strategy to her coaching program. It’s an honor to be a part of something spec...


Exceeds expectations and is highly recommended! Tanisha is very intentional, compassionate, intelligent, and operates at a high level of excellence that always brings top-level results! Thank you for going above and beyond in everything you do!


Tanisha Taylor Coaching has dedicated herself to providing life skills to young adults far beyond what they would receive in grade school and in many cases at home. I so wish I had an opportunity as a young adult to acquire additional skills in the area of financial literacy, nutrition, decision mak...


Tanisha Taylor Coaching is such a wonderful program for young adults. After learning more about it and watching her successes, I decided to sponsor a student because I believe in the process and the coach!


Tanisha is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful person who puts 100% in all she does! You will not regret sitting in on her teachings. That’s why she has all these 5 star reviews!!!